Friday, September 30, 2011


For a happy Friday, I am giving you this . . .

A trip to the beach. . . 


My new goal is to get used to the ocean. I made a realization since I've been here that I have a weird anxiety about the ocean. I can swim just fine, but I've never really been a fan of just swimming around in the ginormous ocean. I think I've been knocked around by the waves one too many times in my life.

But I live on Oahu now and it's probably going to be important for me to get used to that darn ocean. I see people, my husband being on of them, who just glide on into the water, totally carefree and looking simply in heaven. Then I get in the water and immediately get pummeled by vicious waves. Others might be floating along with sweet smiles on their faces while I'm flailing in the shallow water, being picked up and put down by the waves at their will. And the sand, oh the sand, it gets everywhere. And the water, it gets up my nose. Ick.

I think over time I have developed this weird dilemma. I have a great respect for the ocean. There are all sorts of creatures in there and the water seems to puke me out any time I try to get in, so I just don't like to mess with it. Aye.

Now my goal is to adjust and get used to swimming in the water. Each time I go to the beach I try to spend just a couple more minutes in the ocean. It seems to be working. Maybe some day I'll be like those awesome beach chicks who shimmy into the water with ease. For now, if there are large waves, I will cling for dear life on to whoever is closest, hopefully it's someone I know. Otherwise the waves might not be the only thing throwing me into the sand.

Any time you're missing the beach, or summertime, watch that little video. I hope it brings you a happy Friday! :-)

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  1. I am glad you are warming up the the ocean. Me? I live near the ocean and don't like swimming in it. I also don't like sunny on the beach but I do appreciate a nice walk along the ocean :-) So go ahead and swim for the both of us :-) I'll watch from the shoreline :-)


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