Monday, September 26, 2011

That Darn Diet

I've been thinking a lot lately about my diet and connections to arthritis. Often I wonder if my food choices really affect my joints the way I've been preaching they do, and when I really test myself, I know it's true. I've been making some bad food choices lately. There, I admit it. I haven't been sticking to the paleo plan, I've been eating whatever the hell I want, and I've been paying the price.

The stress of moving has it's place in all of this, but at this point things are winding down, getting settled, and there are only a few things left to really worry about. So the worries are becoming more of your everyday "gotta pay the bills and feed the cats" kind of thing opposed to the extremes of moving across an ocean. So I can take that out of the equation.

That leaves arthritis, food choices, exercise, and random tripping and falling to be blamed for those pesky knee pains and popping elbows.

When on track with Enbrel, I'm doing pretty good. Enbrel and Methotrexate seem to keep flares from taking over and things on an even level. But, and here's where my opinions on diet get involved, I notice that my lack of willpower to keep from eating all the dairy and grains in the world really does make a difference.

Sure, things could be going well on the medicine front, but if I let myself eat that bowl of ice cream, I'm not going to be happy. Well, that's a lie, I will be very happy and my belly will be smiling. But the next morning when I wake up and can hardly move, my joints won't be smiling that's for sure. I'll be achey. No matter the pain medicine I take during the day, I'm still going to be sore and tired. Drained from the extra energy that it takes just to move around. And that's no fun at all.

But when the food choices get better, when my belly is filled with grass-fed beef and fresh seasonal veggies instead of cheese and bread, my body will feel almost 100% better. I won't be as achey. I won't be as unwilling to get up and walk to the beach. I'll actually be able to walk on that beach, and maybe even take a swim in the ocean! Where I otherwise wouldn't have had the energy to pick myself up because of that burrito I had the other day, I can now see how throwing a frisbee around would be fun.

It all just proves to me what an impact this all has on my body. How nourishing foods really loosen up my joints and make me feel like I can do anything. It's night and day and it's amazing.

It just moves me to attempt, once again, to get you to give it a chance. Find out your reaction foods, maybe give the paleo diet a shot, and see how you feel after a month of eating differently. Maybe you won't have the same feelings I do about it as me. . .

. . . But if you do . . .  oh the possibilities!


  1. First off, I am still crazy jealous about your move. To be able to lay out in the beautiful sand and sun all the time - when it's not raining - would be awesome.

    I have taken your diet (kind of?) to heart and began to look at things that made me flare up - dairy and gluten. For some reason, when I don't have those things, I feel AMAZING. Is it an actual intolerance? I'm not sure yet. But I keep sneaking one thing or another in at least once a day. Today, I had nachos with a bunch of sour cream. They were SO delicious and I enjoyed... about the first two minutes of them until my stomach began to give me what for. And now my body is pisssssed.

    It is really hard to stick to these diets. I'm used to feeling like this normally, but I can't imagine why I used to think that a big bowl of mac and cheese tasted better than feeling wonderful (probably because I enjoy my cheese way too much).

    Good luck getting back on track! I hope it's not too much more expensive out there!

  2. KirBir- I know what you mean. At this very moment I am eating a mug filled with ice cream. It's almost as if I'm daring my body to be sore and get fat. Bahaha! This must be my incurable disease. Ice cream eating.


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