Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To Do List

I no longer have that excuse that I'm too busy moving and unpacking to do the things I need to do. Sadly. It was a great excuse while it lasted, but now that we're settled it just doesn't really work. So now my job is to tackle that To-Do list that I've been avoiding.

Number one on the list, like I've mentioned a million times, is follow through with all the work needed to get the kitties here.

To do so, I have to stop finding cute pictures of those cats on the computer. Ack! Too cute!

Moving on . . .

Get all the bills organized and paid. Gross.

Moving on . . .

Writing. I was writing a lot before we left and though it seems like when you have nothing to do you would have plenty of time to write . . . but instead I've been practicing my skills at being a beach bum. That also goes along with the next item on the list which is to start the job hunt. But in order to really get that job search going, I have to figure out what I want to do. Aye.

Moving on . . .

And importantly on the list is to get myself back in that kitchen making delicious things to eat. Paleo things to eat. Yum. We've been so bad lately with our food choices, and moving causes us to choose eating at a restaurant as opposed to making something at home. Along the same lines I need to get better at shopping here on the island. As everyone I've ever met has mentioned to me, groceries are expensive here. The food tax is a bummer. But also the seasonal foods are different. I have to get used to cooking with different items than I'm normally used to. Start the learning process all over again.

For now, I'm attempting a delicious paleo dessert recipe, because, well, there just aren't enough sweets out there in this world! 

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