Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello Washington

Oh Washington, how I've missed you.

I'm in a hotel in Bellevue Washington for the next couple of days. Soon I'll be in my little hometown and with my baby kitties! I can't wait to see these little guys!

The funny thing about being back up here in Washington is that it is definitely FALL. People are wearing sweaters and jackets. The leaves on the trees are turning orange, red and yellow. People are all talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving (Christmas in some situations. Christmas? Are you kidding me?) And dang it, I can see my breath when I'm outside. This is ridiculous. It's cold.

I stepped out of the airport and almost had a heart attack from shock of how cold I was. And it's only October. Imagine what I'll be like when I come back for Thanksgiving. 

The other funny thing about being here in Seattle vs. being in Hawaii is the clothes. More than just sweaters and Northface Jackets is that people are a lot more "dressed up" than I am. I guess my t-shirts, slouchy jeans and sanuks don't quite fit in with the skinny jeans, high heel boots and designer duds. At least I have my leather jacket. That might get me somewhere.

We're staying in the same hotel we stayed in last time we were in this town. Right on the water, beautiful views, pretty comfortable. Mama had surgery here in town yesterday so I'm here taking care of her. Poor Mama. Luckily I'm a pro when it comes to surgeries, nursing and drug-taking. Pro.

People keep telling me I should be a nurse because I already have so much experience with hospitals and doctors, etc. I tell them no because I don't want to deal with irritating patients like me. *wink

Being back here in my home state is wonderful. There is something about leaving and coming back that reminds you how beautiful your hometown is. I had that feeling when I came back to visit from Utah. (Definitely more of an awe at how green it is. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, most of Utah is pretty dang ugly.) This time, I'm coming from an amazingly beautiful place, but it's a different kind of beauty. The greens are different. The water is different. The air is different. But none of it in a bad way. It's all good, it's all beautiful, just . . . different. Very different.

At least it's gorgeous and sunny. If it was the typical Seattle rainy weather, I might have a different opinion.

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