Friday, October 14, 2011

Keep It Up

There are definitely benefits to being on a good medicine and a great diet. Those benefits include zippy-ness (Lyda running around from room to room, just because she can. It's all in good fun and excitement), and general good feelings.

I'm starting to feel those fabulous benefits. Knees are starting to feel back to normal. Stiffness is decreasing it's occurrence. I can chew gum again. And my kitchen is finally clean. Knees be damned.

Now is the most important time not to let myself slack off. Remind myself that there is a reason I am eating this way. The reason is I feel much better when I do. Also remind myself that there is a reason I stab myself in the stomach with a painful medicine once a week. Because I know what it feels like to take a week off and it sucks, much more so than the few measly minutes of painful medicine injections. It all is good stuff and it's important for me to keep reminding myself to keep it up.

There are times when Mitch and I are in the presence of something beautiful like a booth with pastries and breads at the farmer's market, look at each other and say "should we cheat?" It's important for at least one of us to keep us in line and move us in the right direction. Away from the cinnamon rolls. Instead, trips to the farmer's market end with a big bag of delicious green veggies. Now my fridge is stocked with kale and broccoli . . . oh and some left over fruit crisp, but whatever.

The other day, though, we had a craving for some Indian curry. There's an awesome little restaurant that serves some amazing Indian food here in town that we have fallen in love with. The problem is that they serve rice with everything. It reminds me of Thai food, another favorite (I'm a sucker for curries). Sure, all is fine after I beg them to avoid serving me rice with my takeout order, but something still feels missing.

One of our favorite options is to just order an extra serving of veggies on the side. Mix the veggies in the curry, eat it up. Yum. Another option is something new we tried that is nothing new to many paleo/gluten-free eaters out there, but still exciting nonetheless.

Cauliflower rice.

Basically use a grater (or a food processor in our case) to shred your cauliflower into small pieces. When I was grating it I was worried it wasn't looking much like rice, but kept going. 

If you like cauliflower it's a great addition. If you're wishing you had some filler with your Panang Curry takeout, it's a great substitution. How's that math for ya? Steam the shredded cauliflower however you prefer to.

Pour your curry, masala, whatever you have over a plate of steamed cauliflower. Perfect dish.

Looks like rice, huh? Awesome!

It works and it's delicious!

This weekend I will be preparing for a trip back to Washington, so the next time you hear from me I'll be in my hometown, with my kitties! Oh I can't wait! Happy weekend to you all! 


  1. We make cauliflower mashed to substitute for mashed potatoes here. Haven't tried it for a sub on rice yet but it does look like rice :-).

  2. When we do Chipotle bowls, I skip the rice and double the meat. At first I felt really sad, as if something important was missing from my meal. However, I now love it. I find that not adding the rice allows me to taste the flavors of the meat, the salsa, and the guacamole that much better. Yummy.

    I agree with you on following the diet. If I slide and allow too much sugar, I feel it, even if I am eating grain free muffins.


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