Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Dilemma Again?

With PALEOctober kicked off and rolling, I find myself having to address a few common questions again. Some questions from others, some from myself because, well, I forget easily. The first one being an important one: breakfast.

A very common paleo diet question is "What do I eat for breakfast if I'm not allowed to eat breads?" Toast and cereal are delicious choices for a fast, daily breakfast, but they aren't the most filling or the most healthy options are they? And if I were to snack on a bagel with cream cheese . . . well that's just a double whammy right there. 

So we have to make our own options. Most of our breakfast choices involve some cooking, which is tough for a majority of people who are rushing to get to work. We actually fall into that category because Mitch has to get himself out the door before 6:30am Monday thru Friday. (We were the geniuses to decide to live on the opposite side of the island from his work. Oh well, we like it over here, and at least the commute is pretty.) On the couple of occasions where Mitch has attempted a sausage and egg breakfast in the morning I watch as he shovels the food in his mouth in order to just barely make it to work on time. That's no way to start the day!

I think the key here is to make food ahead. Which is what got me to turn that oven on 375 degrees for a couple hours last night. Holy hell, it heats up this apartment quickly! But the benefit is ending with a giant tupperware filled with cooked sweet potatoes.


Sweet potatoes end up being our go-to breakfast choice. Cooked with coconut oil and a pinch of salt, they are great on their own, or a perfect base of a breakfast hash. (Again, I originally thought sweet potatoes were "off-limits" in the paleo diet, but after checking with Robb Wolf, apparently they are safe. Go figure.) To mix things up a bit, we might add extra veggies - onion, bell pepper, mushroom, etc. Whatever looks good that might be a nice little addition to the delicious mix. 

Our plans for at least half of this giant bowl of sweet potato goodness is to make that hash I mentioned. We like to add veggies, egg, and chopped up bacon. The great thing about all these sweet potato choices is that I made a ton of sweet potatoes last night and they'll last us for the week. And it's easy to simply heat up in the microwave or oven for a quick breakfast. Of course there is always the delicious ground beef and egg breakfast that is a delicious go-to. I have some hamburger meat in the freezer that is going to be put to good use.

Other important things about taking on this paleo challenge is to fill our fridge full of good paleo snacks. This means getting that ice cream out and telling Mitch to not pay attention to those beers in the back. Yesterday was not only a day for preparing breakfast options, but it was also a day for chopping up lots of fruits and veggies. 

Carrots and celery, pineapple and watermelon. Yum. I realized that my desire for ice cream over the last few weeks had less to do with my need for said dairy treat and more to do with the need for something cold to eat. I have since replaced it with watermelon and my cravings are satisfied! Also chopping things up and putting them in nice neat containers makes it easier for Mitch to bring some with him to work so he doesn't find himself searching the grocery store for snacks on his lunch break. 

And finally, left overs. Lunch (and often breakfast) consists of leftovers most of the time. Today, steak. Yum. Making a little extra food at night, more than we know we will eat, leaves us with food for the next day or so which is amazing. It takes a little extra work and planning but the payoffs are great. Full and happy bellies. 

And my belly is definitely happy. 

Excuse me while I eat some watermelon.

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