Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Can You Do?

What can you do with swollen joints? No Enbrel, all Prednisone? Aye, it's been a long week, but I'm alive and able to announce that it is very possible to survive, and keep up with a crazy week.

Let's catch y'all up to speed.

This trip to Washington has been a wild one. I've been busy running around, taking care of everyone who needs tending to and trying to keep myself in mind along the way. I filled you in on the latest medicine/insurance debacle which has left me with a swollen right knee (surprise surprise) and a questionable ankle and wrist. Thankfully my amazing doctor and the lovely ladies working the reception at his office were kind enough to listen through the 50+ rambling phone calls from yours truly, requesting prescriptions to be filled and answer well.

After a few days on Prednisone I'm feeling alright, though I'm nervous about beginning the tapering-off portion of the game. For now, I'm okay with a few restless nights if it means I can live without swelling. Anyone else with me on that one?

For one, I am surprised with how much I am capable of. The last time I had swelling I was chained to the sofa, granted it was quite a bit more swelling than I have now. Perhaps it's because I'm here in WA and I have responsibilities. Many many responsibilities. Responsibilities that include driving over a mountain pass a whopping 5 times in one week. Hey, did you people know that it's fall?

I had no idea.

Taking Mama back and forth from home to doctor's appointments took up 1/2 of those trips. The other half was picking up my niece, Sarah, to spend a fun-filled weekend with her totally awesome Aunt Lyda.

That involved a trip to a small petting zoo and pumpkin patch. Did I forget to take photos of our carved pumpkins? That's bad-blogger form. I apologize. I did take pictures of some funny animals though . . .

The week also included a whole bunch-o-kitty cuddle time. The best kind of cuddle time if you ask me. There's nothing better than having that kitty rest his head on your chest and purr as he lulls you into a restful sleep, or the way she looks into your soul with those adoring eyes.

Oh the many things you can do!

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