Monday, November 7, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

It's been over a month since I had my last Enbrel shot. How are things going you ask? Not bad. As far as I know, the insurance and state of Hawaii issues are cleared up, and all that has to be done is the prescription sent to the special pharmacy and for me to drive on down and pick it up. Things are all good. And the sun came out this weekend.

Ahh . . . sunshine.

Even though I have a swollen knee and my elbows are feeling a little funny, I am not stressing out over this. A year ago I was in this same sort of position. I hadn't been on any medicine for months and every other day a new joint would swell, just for the fun of it. I was terrified, I was upset, I felt sorry for myself. I couldn't see much positive from my situation. What a sad, pathetic little thing I had become.

It would be easy for me to get into the same lull with my current situation, but for some reason I feel completely different about it. I'm not worried about the swelling - I have prednisone which sucks but hey, it works, and once I get back on my regular treatment all will be well again.

Aye, swollen knee.

In some odd way, I've just come to accept that this happens sometimes. And really . . . it's not that big of a deal. I'm not dying, the world is not coming to an end, it's only a swollen knee. Sometimes my body just does this and it's nothing to get upset about.

I can either feel bad about something I can't control or I can continue living my life. Sure, it's frustrating when joints swell. It's uncomfortable, painful, and not exactly attractive, but I'm not going to let it ruin my life.

Sure this positive outlook on life with arthritis might only be short-lived, but I feel surprisingly good.

"Surprisingly" because for some reason everyone expects me to be distraught, in agony, crying my eyes out. But nope, not this time.

Hopefully those of you with arthritis can give this a try. A simple change of opinion - having arthritis isn't horrible. No big deal. Slap a smile on your face and treat yourself to some good ol' "me time". And maybe some ice on your knee.

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