Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Help Me - One Of Those Days

Alright, so I'll admit it, yesterday I had a bit of a breakdown. It happens to the best of us, right? Frustration with people while trying to get my medicine situation squared away. It was a mess of people not calling back, not following through, being condescending and irritating. Eventually I fell apart and it took a call from my husband to finally calm me down.

I love him, I do.

After I settled down about my medicine (or lack thereof), we were surprised by the airline we'll be bringing the cats home with. Oh lawdy, just what I needed, right?

Apparently, because Alaska Airlines is a new carrier to Hawaii, they will only allow one pet per flight in the cargo portion of the plane. Luckily, they also will allow one pet in the cabin, so we will be able to bring both of them home with us as planned.

But it also means that they have to be separated, which was not part of the plan.

My only consolation to having them fly for 6 hours in the cargo section of the plane was that at least they would be together. Now that's shot to hell, isn't it?

So I have to decide which of my kitty-children gets to sit in the cabin with us and which has to sit alone under our feet. How the hell do you make that kind of decision?

On the one hand, Tesla is tough, she could probably handle the cargo hold better than little Niki. But then again, Niki on the plane . . . might be worse than a crying baby. I can hear him now . . . yikes.

I have a feeling I will not be resting one bit on that flight.

Seriously, they wouldn't ask you to put your children in the cargo section of the plane! 

Please, if anyone else has traveled with animals, tell me how to calm down!!

The small amount of hope I have is that they will be beyond happy to be here. Especially when they see the awesome scratching post that we purchased for them this weekend.

Apparently they're loving the one at my mother's house, so we got one similar, put it together and placed it right by a window in our living room.

And hopefully they appreciate the bugs and geckos that venture into our house. By the way, did you know that they killed a mouse recently? My innocent little kitties are mouse murderers now.

Maybe they'll be fine on the plane.

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  1. Ask the vet for a tranquilizer for your kitties. They have ones and given the circumstances (either way) I will suspect that both kitties will be meowing away...poor babies. I have two kitties and a friend of mine has transported hers both by car long distance and by air. Tranquilizer is what she did and swears by it. Hope it helps and I am awaiting the next post that you are all safely home where you all belong as one happy furry family again :-)


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