Friday, November 11, 2011

Paleo Pumpkin Pie: First Attempt

So the delay of post is because last night I was busy attempting my first ever all-paleo pumpkin pie. I was super excited to try it out because I would love to find a totally awesome paleo dessert to share with my family for Thanksgiving . . . and I was also looking forward to pie and coffee for breakfast, but whatever.

So the pie turned out . . . alright. The flavor was great, but obviously it wasn't exactly like the pumpkin pie that I have so many wonderful memories of. I think I've been baking with almond flour too much. Everything I make with almond flour is starting to taste the same. I love almonds, don't get me wrong, but all baked goods end up tasting like almonds and, well, I just want pie.

The filling had great flavor, but the texture was a little off. Perhaps I did something wrong . . . that's most likely the case. I always seem to make a wrong turn somewhere along the way. The problem was that it needed a little more to it . . . it had a little too much moisture. It needed something to bind it together a bit more. I'm thinking of taking out some of the coconut milk and perhaps adding another egg. Who knows. I think I need to take a food chemistry class or something.

Anyway, for the sake of time I'm just going to link to the websites that I found the recipes. First of all, the crust was from my awesome Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook. You can find it at Elana's Pantry and give it a try yourself.

I'm gonna say that if you aren't sick of almond flour this recipe rocks. And what's great about it is it comes out with enough crust dough (would dough be the right word here?) to fit the pan, which I find trouble with a lot of press-in pie crusts.

The filling was from Everyday Paleo, another awesome website for paleo recipes. She also has a cute demo video of her making the pie with her kids. I added a bit more spices because, well, I like my pumpkin pie with lots-o-flavor.

I'm tempted to try a crust with something other than almond flour, if I can find a good recipe. Maybe coconut flour or hazelnut flour. Any ideas? Or should I just wing it?

On to the search. Happy Friday!

UPDATE: Click here for my second attempt Paleo Pumpkin Pie RECIPE

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