Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Success In A Different Sense

With PALEOctober over and gone, I'm left to reflect on the last month in surprise because it flew by so quickly. Does anyone know where the month of October went? I seem to have lost it! Oh well, November is here. Let's move on.

It wasn't your average few weeks for PALEOctober. I traveled to my hometown for 10 days. I ran out of medicine. It was a little unusual. But it was probably a great time for it. I think that the last few weeks could have been a lot worse had I been partaking in a much worse diet. And although I started to fall off the wagon during my travels, I still taught myself a lot, or re-taught myself should I say.

Plus these guys weren't following their paleo diet either. It runs in the family. . . .

Anyway, my findings were nothing new, really. It makes perfect sense that what you put into your body directly correlates with how you feel. It's more likely than not that whatever your problem is, if you look back on what you've been eating recently you'll find a good answer. Not always, but a lot of the time.

For me, that means any weird joint pain, probably something I ate. Any weird anything, I can almost always figure out what food made me feel that way.

Yesterday I was thinking how long it took the swelling to show up. It was 4 weeks before I had any serious swollen joints, and even then it's not too bad. I've seen worse. And it's interesting how it all happened shortly after I starting losing track of dairy and grains.

Now I'm not saying that it's exactly what caused it, but I do believe the the extra pain is connected. Also, the all around great feeling I was having has changed. You know that feeling, when you're eating healthy, getting fresh air, taking care of yourself? Ah, that's good stuff. And damn if that plate of french toast makes a difference.

So though I may not have made it a full 30 days . . . yes, you can hold that over my head until the next month-o-paleo . . . I think it still had the desired effect. I learned my lesson. Proved my own point. Hooray!

Now about the rest of those cupcakes . . .

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