Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Together Again!

Oh Lawdy, thank goodness! It's over! The stress. The turbulence. The chaos. The struggles. The worrying. It's all over now.

Our kitties are here!

The last couple of days have been the wildest, headache-inducing days of my life. Let me walk you through the process.

After four months of paperwork, vet appointments, waiting, waiting, and more paperwork, the time finally came to bring Tesla and Niki home to Hawaii with us. Thanksgiving came and went and the flight home was booked. Alaska Airlines gave us some bs about how each flight to Hawaii was only allowed one animal in the cabin and one animal in the cargo, so we had to separate the poor little things. A few days before the flight we had to buy a new carrier that would fit under the seat in the cabin of the plane.

This photo does not show a picture of the carrier and a purse. That on top is the carrier I had to squish little Niki in, poor guy.

Along with the cats I packed just about every possible thing I could. All of our cat things, and a majority of our ski clothes (no, we won't be skiing in Hawaii. Hopeful ski trip in March!)

The night before the flight we rented a car to drive to Seattle. That drive was three hours and instead of keeping the cats in their carriers for an extra three hours in a row before the flight, we left a day early and got a hotel room by the airport. It was a good reminder of the fact that our cats do travel pretty well. In the last couple years they have moved numerous times and survived. Although that night, Tesla decided to punish me by keeping me awake all night long. Aye.

The morning of the flight I was a ball of nerves. Though I had all the paperwork filled out and checked multiple times, I was so worried about putting my cats through the hell of a six hour flight. Was I being selfish? Yanking them from a perfectly comfortable home in Wenatchee and throwing them into a plane that would terrify them for hours just so I could have them with me in Hawaii? Was I being a horrible cat mama?

The look on Tesla's face as I left her with the kind man at the airport who would transport her to the plane was sheer terror. I had to hold back the tears while I was waiting for the flight to board. It didn't help that Niki was crying the entire time. I don't blame him, he was squished. And my lack of sleep the night before was making me even more emotional than usual.

Then I was furious when I saw a woman boarding the same plane as I was with a small dog in her purse. Did the airline just lie to us those three times we called to make sure that the rule about 1 pet in cargo and 1 in the cabin was at all flexible? I was fuming when I realized the woman with the teacup dog was sitting in the row behind us. At least the yapping of a little dog took the attention off my crying kitty.

Once we got off the plane I had to pass of Niki to a man who would take him and Tesla over to the Animal Quarantine station at the Honolulu Airport. I was 95% of the way out of there!

Now here's the funny part: I have heard so many horror stories about the people at the Animal Quarantine station and how horrible they are. I think that's because people show up there and don't have all their ducks in a row. Hopefully they aren't transporting ducks to Hawaii but whatever. What I have found is that when you have all your paperwork filled out, have extra copies of everything, and slap on a smile when you show up, they are very friendly and helpful. Within a half an hour we had our cats and were out of there!

Oh that car ride home was the most wonderful drive ever! AND there was a rainbow!

When we got home the cats were still shocked from the terrorizing flight. I assumed they were pissed at us for putting them through torture, wondering where the hell we were taking them. Not long after hiding under the bed, Tesla emerged, and began to wander the house.

A few minutes later, Niki followed.

They scouted.

They recognized some pieces of furniture.

And explored new findings.

Then they started to relax.

They were up all night getting to know the new house, and I woke up this morning to find them sleeping on my feet. Ah, what a happy feeling. Now it's back to snuggles while blogging and listening to the chirp of Tesla's call while I clean. And things are right in the world again!

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  1. So cute! They are both just precious.....although the longer haired one looks like there could be a bit of an attitude lurking within. HA So glad you made it to Hawaii with them. Our animals are a HUGE part of our lives and if they are not there, something is just missing! :)


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