Monday, November 28, 2011

The Week

This past week has been a busy one. It seems like we just got here and now we have to get ready to leave again.

Our day of travel to Washington was hell, to put it lightly. The red-eye flight was not exactly the most relaxing. Though I had my sleeping medicine to get me through it, it seemed as if everyone else on the plane was either talking or eating. Please explain to me why you are eating a bag of potato chips at 3am! Would you normally be eating at this time of night? That bag makes a lot of noise and I'm trying to sleep. *throws dagger eyes*

When we arrived in Seattle I think I had approximately 20 cups of coffee while we waited three hours for our next flight, only to find five minutes before we were scheduled to board that the flight had been canceled. So we had to rent a car to drive the three hours to my parent's hometown, which cost us more than the flight itself. Sigh.

And that drive was long. A few more cups of coffee later and a couple changes of the seasons. First hail, then rain,

then sun,

then snow,

. . . then sun again.

We made it eventually, and family fun ensued.

A couple of Thanksgiving dinners and a whole bunch of cat stuff (trips to the pet supply store and the vet) and now we're on our way home.

With Niki and Tesla!

Tomorrow will probably be a no-post day because I will be having a panic attack while we try to fly our two cats to Hawaii. Hopefully the next time you hear from me we will all have made it home safely.


  1. Keeping out positive thoughts for your kitties! Soft rubs for them and purrs that the flight went ok and without incidence.

  2. Definitely sending positive thoughts your way!! Let us know how your little sweeties do!


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