Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dairy And The Trouble With Holiday Feasting

I love holiday feasts.

But the trouble with holiday feasts is post-holiday feasting.

I've been eating mashed potato and ham left overs for the last few days, and though I am not sick of it in any way (very surprising considering the amount I've eaten) my body is feeling punished.

Not only does the stick of butter in the potatoes or the heavy cream in the quiche hurt my tummy after a few days but my joints are screaming at me.

Normally I curl into a snuggled ball on the couch when my husband and I watch a movie like we did last night, but unfortunately I couldn't keep my knees bent for more than 5 minutes at a time. It's like they were angry at something . . . what could it be?

Even my fingers, which I have never once had problems with, feel tight when I continue the horrible habit of popping my knuckles. But none of it has stopped me from eating all the delicious dairy-filled food choices in my fridge.

Oh yeah, the left over pastry cream and berries from the tart? Yeah we ate it.

The sad part is that it's preventing me from using my favorite Christmas present - my TRX set up.

So this year, one of my new years resolutions isn't to get back to working out or losing weight. It's simply to stop eating the dairy products I love so much.

The former resolutions will hopefully be a nice side-effect.


  1. I completely understand, dairy affects me too- I've switched to Almond Milk (almond breeze unsweetened vanilla has worked well for me in cereal or rice milk in cooking) and fake "butter" (earth balance) but what I haven't found a good substitute for is cheese...the "fake" cheese just wasn't the same.

  2. I stayed completely gluten free over the holidays but the excess sugar and small amounts of dairy made my fingers and knee stiff too. It was fun indulging but even my teens are ready to get back to "real" food. We just all feel better eating good.

  3. Omgh, I'm the same way!!! and I ate like a Pig But I'm Paying for it.. Just One Last Holiday and Then It's back to the healthy foods! Glad,I was not the only one! God Bless!

  4. I'm with you! I had to throw out my cheese just to stop eating it.


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