Thursday, December 1, 2011

December? Already?

I was shocked when I looked down at the calendar and realized that today is the first of December. First I thought, "I need to pay rent." Then I thought, "Wow, time goes by fast." Then I thought, ". . . Christmas?"

It's hard to look outside right now and think of it being December already. Right now it's raining and the humidity is making the cats sprawl out on the tile floor. Where is the snow? Where is the Christmas-y feeling?

To go along with our little tradition of starting Christmas right after Thanksgiving, we dug our Christmas decorations out of our storage closet and put up our tree!

And I forgot how much the cats love it.

Luckily, a majority of the ornaments we own were purchased with the thought in mind that cats would most likely knock them off, so they shouldn't fall victim to the cats + tile floor situation. I can't say the same about a few dishes that I left on the counter the other night.

Moving on.

Cats and Christmas tree make me just a happy, jolly person. Tis the season to be with the ones you love, and luckily I have three of my favorites under one roof!

Happy beginning of the holidays!


  1. Yeah, they made it! Soft furry buddies are safely home! Our fur babies love to try and eat our tree. One got sick this year from it but after clearing her system (you know what I am trying to politely say here) from the front end, she was fine. We put all our plastic or safe ornaments on the lower branches. So far only one has fallen prey to breakage this year. Hoping glue will save it :-) Kitties look like they have made the new place theirs!

  2. Beautiful tree! We just got ours up tonight. We can only put decorations on the top half or our dogs eat them off the bottom half.


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