Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Recap

Greetings, friends!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

For the record, Christmas in Hawaii is fantastic.

A few people worried that we were going to be lonely spending Christmas just the two of us, an ocean away from our family, but no . . . we had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Let me begin my story on Friday, when we were on our way to the movie theatre, after having dinner at a little Mexican restaurant (where I made friends with a lovely girl who bought me a drink. Fabulous). We were yards away from getting on the freeway when we were stopped by a large amount of police on motorcycles.

It turns out we were one of the last cars stopped (others behind us were turned away) in preparation for closing the road for President Obama's convoy to drive through.

Did I mention we live blocks from his vacation home? Awesome.

After dozens and dozens of police drove by (one blocking each car funny enough), we witnessed the craziness that is the presidential convoy. I have to say, it was the craziest, coolest thing I have ever seen. Wow.

After that eventful night, on Christmas Eve we spent the day prepping for our Christmas dinner. Oh yes, even though it would only be the two of us, we were making a feast.

We had a last minute dinner with a few of our neighbor friends that night, which was wonderful. It was great to spend that evening with new friends. I loved it.

And on Christmas day, we opened presents . . . and then went to the beach.

Is there anything better?

And what did I get for Christmas, you ask?

A TRX set up (remember how much I love it?)

And a new camera. This is particularly exciting since my old camera, though it still took good pictures, was falling apart so badly that it needed to be put down for good. Well, we might keep it around for beach days, but when you have a camera where pieces of it fall off when you hold it, well, that's not good.

Oh it was a great holiday! I loved it! And I can't wait to share parts of my Christmas dinner with you all. Stay tuned!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

On to the new year!

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