Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Rush

I think I might be finally finished with my holiday shopping.



So close.

My main gifts are purchased, wrapped and sitting sweetly in place just waiting to be opened.

Does anyone else out there have a hard time waiting for Christmas for their loved ones to open their presents? The suspense is killing me!

This year our Winter Solstice celebration will be spent just the two of us (four of us with the cats) in Hawaii, which is bitter sweet.

We'll miss spending the holiday with our families, especially our nieces. I love this time of year, especially when little ones are around.

But we are grateful for our life here in Hawaii. I'm even more grateful that the sun is out today. It's been a stormy week, so it's been somewhat similar to the Christmases that I've come accustomed to . . . except it's quite a bit warmer than usual.

The last few days though, I've been running around from store to store to finish my shopping. And let me just say, those Christmas shoppers are ruthless!

It might seem more extreme because the town I live in is so small, and there is a significant lack of parking available, but people will stop at nothing to get to where they're going.

Cars circle like buzzards in search of a parking space to steal from those of us who have been waiting patiently for one to open up. 

People rush past you in department stores in order to grab that last toy, shirt, frying pan, whatever.

And don't get me started on people at the post office.

Here in Hawaii there is a scramble to get your gifts out in the mail to your loved ones on the mainland. The post office stacks their flat-rate boxes by the cartloads, knowing that there will be a mad rush to get as many as you can fit in your car.

With so many people sending gifts, I've found the post office here far surpasses any other post office I've been to in crowd size.

And the people are angry.

I've gotten used to the laid-back vibe in Hawaii. There isn't as much anger that you see on a regular basis on the mainland. (Unless it's coming from the woman who lives across the street from me . . . don't ask.) People don't cut you off when driving on the freeway. In fact, many people go out of their way to let you into whatever lane you were hoping to get to. People might speed, but there is no aggression.

Except for this time of year.


I'm happy to still be alive.

'Tis the season to run around like a mad woman, knocking people out of your way so you can show other people how much you care about them with a gift.

Hopefully you put a bow on it.

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