Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking For A New Rheumatologist . . . Part One

The bad part about moving to a new, wonderful location is that the search for the perfect rheumatologist begins once again.

Why is this a difficult thing, you might ask?

For me, it takes a lot of time, understanding, and whipping into shape to get me to trust a new doctor. I don't just walk into a doctor's office and have that immediate trust and bond with them that comes after years of getting-to-know you conversations and genuine personal interest.

When I first met my previous rheumatologist, Doc Wiz, who I love, I was very skeptical at first. It took me probably a year of working with him to finally admit that he was a good doctor and that I should listen to what he says.

Now I show up there, announce my entrance, wander into the waiting area, throw off my shoes, open my thermos full of eggnog with bourbon and relax.

Well, the bourbon part isn't quite true, though that would be awesome.

I have been known to throw off my shoes at moments while in his office.

Doc Wiz once had to remind me I wasn't wearing shoes when walking out the door.

. . .

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that it takes time to really develop that comfortable doctor-patient relationship that is so important.

That being said, I am nervous about an upcoming appointment I have with a doc in Honolulu.

It's been a long time since I had to find a new doctor. The good thing about the last few that I've had is that I had recommendations before hand. This time, I have a recommendation from my new primary care doc, so I'm having to break my usual plan and trust immediately that she knows what she's talking about.

My plan going into this thing . . .

Use this appointment as a test. A sort of interview, if you will.

This doc has to impress me. In the end I need to feel like the doctor I choose is going to help take care of me, keep me on a good path, and make sure that my treatment meets my lifestyle needs.

Yep, that's about it, think you can handle that Doc?

It will be an interesting day. You'll hear more about it soon.

Take care, loves!


  1. Oh I can sooo relate to this post. I moved here over 2 years ago, sought out a new ra doc. For me it hasn't worked out. He wants to treat me his way or have me go the highway. Yup, you read right. Not a patient empowered environment at all. Unfortunately almost all ra docs are in the same practice here. They have been filling my scripts by phone but with ra that is now way for patient care or followup. I have this on my new year's list to do :-) Let me know how it goes. And I am assuming you like your new gp.

  2. Oof, I hear ya. Although I've lived in the same area for a while, I recently 'fired' my old rheumy and have an appt with the new one Monday. I've read a ton of reviews online saying how nice she is, and even some of her research papers. I'm excited, but also very nervous about the trust issue too. I don't trust people easily at all. I hope that your appt goes well and your GP is smart with the recommendation!

  3. Kir Bir....what site did you use for your review search? I haven't had luck here finding a site that has alot of reviews here where I live. I was thinking about buying into Angie's list but not sure just how many doc reviews are on that list. thanks.

  4. I wouldn't spend money on Angie's List. I used Health I found it after I began hating my previous rheumy, only to see his rating was like one and a half stars... My new one has five stars in everything. You don't get to really read reviews there, but I also contacted other doctors who have worked with her, all of whom have wonderful things to say. Hope this helps Deb!


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