Monday, December 5, 2011

Packin' Up Some Love

Mitch left on Sunday for another business trip off island. At least this time I have my little kitties to keep me company while I'm alone in Hawaii. I love having those little furry rascals around.

There's something funny about Mitch heading off on business. I have this habit of packing his suitcase for him, and sometimes while I'm folding his shirts I wonder who the heck I've become. I'm a woman who takes pride in perfectly folding her husband's button-down shirts. Aye!

Usually I begin packing his suitcase before he even has a chance to say anything. He always offers to pack it himself, but I find something comforting in making sure he has everything he needs for traveling. He does so much to take care of me that the little things I can do to take care of him too mean a lot to me. We take care of each other, and for that I feel very blessed.

I am so grateful for my amazing husband. And my sweet little kitties. I'm sorry to gush but it's on my mind and it's wonderful.

Though, what's not wonderful . . . sweet little Niki has a not-so-sweet little cold. So though I won't be taking care of any husband this week I will be taking care of a poor kitty. Fluids, baby!

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  1. Sometimes it is the little things that can mean so much. Do you hide a special momento in his suitcase? I always packed a little something special for my loved one whenever I did anykind of it a lunch or a suitcase. Sometimes it was a little special I love you note or perhaps a heart of chocolate. Hope your kitty feels better soon. One of ours had the sneezes about this time last year and we wound up bringing her into the vet the day before Chirstmas eve. Our vet gave us some meds but said to wait it out. The meds were a just in case because Christmas was so near. She pulled through just fine on her own.


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