Friday, January 13, 2012

Be Stress Free & Eat Pie

It's funny . . . I talked all week about being healthy and doing everything I can do to take care of myself. But I'm in no way perfect. Not close at all. That drives me crazy because, like everyone else in the world, I want things to turn out the right way. Striving for perfection is nice, but it's not always going to be where you end up.

Like this pie crust for example. . .

It was Mitch's birthday yesterday (fantastic!) and I asked him what he would like me to make for him . . . last year I made this black forest cake that was surprisingly delicious for the fact that I had never made it before and I was using a recipe that I continued to "tweak". And by tweak I mean change just about every ingredient. But whatever. It turned out awesome.

This year, he wanted me to recreate the cherry pie I made last year for my family. That pie was dang good. So good, in fact, that my nieces have told me it's their absolute favorite dessert they've ever had. Big compliment. *yess!!!*

I thought it would be simple to remake this amazing pie, but somehow things were off. I was getting frustrated that my pie crust (which I have made enough times for me to think I have perfected the art of pie crust making,) wasn't turning out as perfect as I wanted. I kept comparing my oddly shaped, rolled out crust to the perfectly round, even one in my recipe book.

And of course I took a picture of it.

After running into a few other problems with this whole pie making business, I cut a slice for Mitch, worried it wasn't going to taste like that perfect one I made a year ago.

Lucky for me, he still loved it.

A lot of times I focus on little things that don't matter, like uneven pie crust. And that's just silly. There's no need for that kind of sillyness. There is only need for enjoying pie.

In the end, you work things out and grow from the little hiccups in life. The important thing is to not stress out about those imperfections. That'll just make you sick.

And I know. I'm a stresser. I stress easily and it's not a good thing.

If you're going to be healthy you have to learn to let go. Remind yourself that no good comes from unnecessarily worrying about silly little things.

Be free. Play. Have fun. Enjoy life.

And good day!

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  1. I found a delicious grainfree chocolate chip recipe that is totally destroying my best efforts to get back to a super clean diet. Oh well, they are easy and oh so good! Your pie looks super yummy.


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