Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doctor Rant (Again)

A funny thing happened yesterday that I thought I'd share with my blog friends. Still on the search for a new rheumatologist, I finally made the call to my new primary care doc to get a second recommendation. I told the nurse about the situation, how the first rheumatologist just wasn't a good fit for me and I wasn't comfortable going back to him, and all was well. We were on the same page.

And then the funny part . . .

A few days later I get a call back from the nurse telling me this hilarious little tid bit of information: Apparently, since the first doc I went to was in a large office full of possible rheumatologists, the office had a policy. The policy was that, out of "respect for the doctor" they would not allow me to see any other doctor in their office.

. . .

Wait . . . what?

Oh by the way, when I say funny, I mean absolutely ridiculous.

Apparently they are so worried that I'm hurting the doctor's feelings by choosing not to see him again. The doctor that probably wouldn't recognize me if he passed me on the street. The doctor that I knew within the first two minutes that would not be a good match for me. Poor doctor might cry himself to sleep knowing that I decided to see another doctor in his office.

Yeah. Like I said, ridiculous.

I tried to think of any possible explanation for this but in the end, there is no excuse for turning away someone looking for healthcare. Even if it was a different situation, there is absolutely no reason that a doctor's feelings or opinions should get in the way of a patient's preference.

Just my opinion, but really.

Come on.

Last night Mitch and I got into a heated conversation about healthcare and this little hiccup and although my doctor is working on getting me in to seeing another rheumatologist (in a different office) this should never have been an issue.

I'm not saying this is the case, but what if the perfect doctor for me is in that office? My perfect match is working in that building and if that's the case then I would never be able to see him or her because I had one appointment with one doctor who I did not like.


Doctors really need to take a different look at things. A doctor should be working hard to impress you. They are the one's selling you something - treatment. They are the ones who should be trying to get your business. They should be the ones hoping that you will choose them and not that you should be grateful to see them in the first place.

What is wrong with these people?

In every other part of our lives we would never settle for the first choice. We won't pick a contractor to work on our house if we get negative reviews about him. We aren't going to hire a babysitter to take care of our children if we get a bad feeling when meeting. We won't keep coming back to a restaurant with horrible service and bad food. Hell, much of the time people spend more time picking out the right realtor rather than settle for someone who doesn't connect with us.

So why, WHY, do we settle for doctors who don't treat us the way we need to be treated? 

All that other stuff doesn't mean anything. Your body, your health, is the most important, and yet less time is spent on this subject.

I am determined to find the right doctor and I am not going to settle.

And I don't think any of you should have to settle either.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. This must be the policy of many offices. After seeing my previous rheumatologist for many years, I couldn't go back to him. He was not a good match for me. I also had stopped meds for a few years. My primary care physician felt really wanted me back on meds and one of his ideas was to start fresh with a new doctor. He gave me the name of a new rheumatologist. I was excited. However, when I to make the appointment, I realized it was the same office as my previous rheumatologist. This policy was not mentioned until I arrived in the office. I was already feeling vulnerable and when they told me, I almost burst into tears. But I calmly told them that was fine, I would cancel my appointment and find another office. I saw the new rheumatologist. :)

    This policy is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Like you said, we want something we feel comfortable with and is a good match for our personality. We are the paying customers and should have the decision as to whether or not we want to change doctors. Out of respect they can let the other know it didn't work out. That is it.

    Good luck in your search. I am sure moving to a new area and not knowing anyone makes this a struggle already. Sending you good thoughts on this new journey.


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