Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Monday To You!

Happy Monday, friends!

It was a slow week last week, but a slow week filled with delicious paleo goodness created in the kitchen and other shenanigans. Since it's been a few days since our last visit, let me give you a quick rundown of what's been going on.

First of all, like I said, some interesting paleo surprises coming out of the kitchen. I've been on a crusade toward gathering a collection of new and exciting paleo breakfast choices and it's been very rewarding for the most part. I've been getting a little more adventurous with trying some of my own creations by taking what I've learned about cooking with these newer ingredients and just running with it. But also tackling some new recipes I've been dying to try.

Most notably, a recipe used for a little Clark-hosted bbq . . . cooking with booze.

So look forward to some new recipes coming your way!

On the same line of food . . . I have a rekindled love for pistachios and have built up enough stamina to successfully finish an entire bowl all to myself. And by the way, is there anything more exciting than finding pistachios that have already come out of their shell on their own? It's like taking all the work out of it for you! Those little gems!

Mitch also brought home the biggest head of broccoli ever. 

Another new love . . . I recently fell in love with the PBS show Downton Abbey. Yes I watched the first season on Netflix in only a few days. Yes I made Mitch watch it with me and set up his laptop so we could catch up with season 2 online. Yes I watched the most recent episode last night. I'm into it. Please watch it with me so we can get excited about these things together.

Mitch went on a hike. And when he came home to show me the pictures I was terrified that he just went on said hike. That's all there.

Since the laptop was destroyed, my blogging buddy has found new places to sit while helping me blog. Cute.

We received letters from our nieces back home in WA that made our hearts melt and well, made us laugh out loud.

Ava does not like blueberries anymore, but she likes blueberry yogurt. Very insightful.

We started house hunting a bit, which was exciting. Finding actual decent houses in our projected price-range boosted my mood about the housing market here on Oahu. Sure, we won't be living on the beach any time soon, but it's nice to see we have options. Good ones.

I'm also thinking of starting a charity . . . the "Get Mitch and Lyda a house in Hawaii fund". Donations warmly accepted.

I have also started the job hunt . . . again. More money would be helpful with this whole housing situation. Although money would also be helpful with my desire to travel. We really need to get our priorities straight.

I have some weird feelings toward the weather lately. Still can't get over the fact that when it rains it's only for a short while and not for the next three days. It's always surprising and sometimes disappointing when the sun comes out right after I threw on some sweatpants and curled up, ready to spend the day indoors watching shows like Downton Abbey. Is there a hurricane or sunshine? Make up your mind, Mother Nature!

All in all, things are the usual in this bizarre head of mine, except for a new desire to pull pranks on everyone I know. Don't ask me why, but the feeling is taking over. Must. Pull. Pranks.

Now if you don't mind, I have some scheming and pistachio eating to attend to . . .

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  1. Move....what did I miss? Didn't you just move into this place recently? Oh well...maybe you are pulling a prank on us here. I am sure not... :-) And I too love pistachios. I have had the wonderful opportunity of trying varieties from abroad over the years. I think my two favs are from Calif and then from the middle east. Yummmy!


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