Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hello, my name is Lyda Clark.

Please have pity on me, for my life is a mess.

In the last 48 hours I have . . .

  • Come down with a terrible, feverish cold.
  • Booked a plane ticket for the wrong day.
  • Called in the airline nearly in tears and begged them to cancel the ticket.
  • Gained at least three paper cuts.
  • Spilled water on myself numerous times.
  • Got badly bitten by a cat while trying to save said cat from the clutches of a garbage lid.
  • Used up 9 bandages and drove myself to the emergency room with a swollen, bloodied hand.
  • Was recognized at the pharmacy as the girl who has been there three times in one week.
  • Spilled coffee in hair (don't ask) 
  • Dropped a glass bottle on the floor which shattered everywhere and spilled red carbonated juice.
  • Hurt hand numerous times while trying to clean up the mess. 

I am done for now. I will be wrapped in pillows on the couch, not moving for the next few days. 


  1. Best to rest when the day gets the better of us! There are some days that are better experienced from the couch...this is surely one of them! Take care dear...things WILL get better!

  2. Did I hear you say Murphy's Law? One of my relatives must be haunting you. I will call them off immediately!!! I sure hope that cat that took a bite from you was your cat and not a stray! You mentioned garbage can lid and didn't say inside or out. If that was an outside lid...do find out who's kitty that was and if they have the proper shots. If not, you could have been exposed to rabbies. I sure hope not! Oh brother....we need to dehex you and promptly!

  3. Deb that would be wonderful if you could take this hex off of me. I'd really appreciate it. Especially since I have added to this list. And I'm still typing with one hand. (It was my cat, yes, but luckily there is no rabies on the island so I have little to fear in terms of that.) SIGH! C'est la vie!


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