Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Baby Boy

I am tired.

After days and days of dealing with a cat with serious issues, we have finally figured out what's wrong with him. And I am spent.

It's been about two and a half weeks since the first incident. After two and a half weeks of his twitching, erratic cleaning and incessant weird behavior, I took him back to the vet to have a follow up appointment. Mitch and I had already done some research (aka googling) and had our own theory about what was going on, but I needed the vet to help.

And it turns out, we were right.

Poor little Niki is having seizures. He has something called Feline Hyperesthesia, or Focal Seizures as our vet calls it. My poor baby has some stuff going on in his brain that ain't good. It's apparently genetic and rare but happens to appear most in Himalayan cats, like lil Nick.


Luckily it's treatable, but when I say treatable I mean I have to feed Niki medicine twice a day, every day.


I have to say that I love our vet. She has helped us so much through this whole process and really seems to care about Niki and helping him get better. Her goal was to make sure that Niki gets back to a comfortable, happy life. With her help and some good treatment, Niki can finally get back to having a good quality of life that every good pet owner wishes for.

Little Niki . . . I love you so.

Looks like me and my arthritis aren't the only ones in this house that need caring for.

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  1. Oh no! Poor baby. My friends cat also had seizures but did fine for years once they figured out what was going on and implemented the treatment. I am not sure exactly what she had to do for him but it seemed to help. Hope sweet Niki is back to himself again and soon!


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