Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've spent quite a lot of time daydreaming. This whole Pinterest thing isn't helping that much.

I find what I daydream about most is this ridiculously gorgeous home that I will own someday. (We all dream, right?)


Some people say that daydreaming and focusing on what others have that you wish you had is not a good thing. Sure, it's no good to spend your life wallowing in jealousy of others. I agree. But what I find is that allowing myself a bit of daydreaming time helps me figure out myself a lot better. 

What do I really want?

And more importantly . . .

How can I make myself more productive in order to achieve what I want?

Now, I admit, watching The Office while reading cookbooks is most likely not going to get me my dream home. I'm still figuring out what's going on there. But for the time being, I can focus on the little things I want to do to improve things.

Like my desk.

I have this lovely desk. A hand-me-down desk, but I love it nonetheless.

It has a matching sofa table that is being used as extra counter space in the kitchen right now, and matching side tables that are being used in my bedroom. Hey, I make the most of what I got!

All of the pieces are green and tan. Some paint has been scraped off. There are watermarks from glasses without a coaster sitting on them. One of the little drawers has a knob missing. Let's just say these pieces need work.

And my goal is to fix it all up into something beautiful!

A little (or a lot of) sanding, some new paint/stain, maybe new adorable knobs for the drawers!

The possibilities are endless.

Any ideas?

Now who says I'm not using my temporary unemployment to it's fullest?!

Go ahead and join me on Pinterest! You'll love it!

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