Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Paleo, Your Paleo

Don't mind me, I'm just on a little rant.

The "Food Craze" has really taken off, hasn't it? People are really getting into what they eat, and that's awesome. It's becoming a "cool" thing to focus on your food and how it's made. What the ingredients are. Where it came from. There is a new era of food awareness. Congratulations everyone!

Of course, not everyone is involved in this fad, but it's a pretty cool one. Making healthy eating and lifestyle choices is fantastic. I think it's great that I'm meeting more and more people who have a new focus on the food they put into their bodies, rather than just eating whatever is in sight. Whatever the food choices they make, at least they are thinking about it. Fabulous.

But along with the happy, positive thinking there will always be people who find negatives. And that's what's been irritating me lately.

I've seen so many blog posts recently from people who aren't encouraging people but instead are judging people. Any positive choices that are made are canceled out by one minor "cheat day" or treat or lapse of judgement. They aren't supporting each other, they're tearing each other down for imperfection.

Now I'm in no way a perfect eater. I do my best to follow a paleo/primal eating style, but it's no secret that I don't follow it to the letter.

On my best days, I eat nothing but vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and the occasional pistachio and almond. Way to go! But sometimes I'll decide to go in on a chocolate-peanut butter ice cream cake with my friends and enjoy a slice with a big ol' smile.

And that's OK!

One website that made me the most angry was one man's blog (not gonna name who, but you can go to google and search for yourself) where he did nothing but rant about people who call themselves paleo/primal and yet eat desserts and treats made with ingredients that mostly try to follow the paleo guidelines.

Ahem . . . would Lyda Clark please stand up? 

Me and my sweet tooth will not apologize for the wonderful recipes I have shared in the past. In my opinion, if I am going to prepare something for myself for a special occasion or a once-in-a-while-treat, I think it's better to stick to key ingredients that I know aren't going to throw my body (and my diet) out of whack, opposed to those that I try my best to stay away from.

Sure, cavemen didn't eat chocolate chip cookies made with agave nectar and coconut oil . . .

But I think they would if they could! *wink!*

I share the occasional dessert-y "paleo" recipe with you because I know that we all need a break once in a while. It's nice to have something to treat ourselves to for good behavior. Give yourself a jam cookie if you've had a hard day. They aren't "health food" by any means, but they are better than the alternative.

Take pride in trying out a new recipe! Pat yourself on the back for sticking to your list of good ingredients rather than giving in and eating the brownie with granulated sugar and flour.

And the next day you can have your turkey leg wrapped in bacon and return to your caveman ways.

My point, and I do have one, is let loose, people! Quit being so hard on others. Give yourself a break. And know that I will always be working diligently to come up with the next great taboo "paleo" dish.

You're welcome.


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  1. Slow and steady won the race. Sure we may fall off the wagon so to say but this is a life time journey. And rather then chastise oneself for meandering off the path, I say it is the overall journey that really matters and will not only get us their the same way but more likely...a bit more happier as well.


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