Friday, March 2, 2012

Partially Interesting Things

It's been a long week, my friends. I was surprised to find out that today is Friday.

I had so many things planned to do this week. Alas, not many of them were followed through.

And I'm still typing this with 1 1/5 hands. Lame.

Anyway, since I deserted you this week, I'll try my hand (ha) at a week's worth of interesting things.

First off, one thing that many would not imagine is that the incoming mail has been very interesting this week. I received a package from Doc Wiz, with copies of my most recent files, and an unexpected handwritten note from him saying hello. And you wonder why I am so picky when it comes to my new rheumatologist!

I also got a weird one . . . a first . . . you see, I had to go to the emergency room this week because of a very deep, very painful cat bite. Poor little Tesla got her foot caught in what I assume was a very painful situation, and as I was helping save her from the clutches of a garbage lid, she bit my right hand. Twice.

Not just play biting, which she often does, but real, going for the arteries, kill-shot biting. Note to humanity: cats panic when they are in these situations, and their mouths happen to be filled with crazy bacteria. Who knew!

Well I did because I've been in this situation before. (See: 3 years ago, Tesla's collar caught, choking, finger bite.) I hurried to the ER to have them fix me up, which they did, and wonderfully by the way.

And then a few days later I got this . . .

A thank you card from the Emergency Room.


I think this town and I are going to get along just fine.

So that was fun.

I also finished booking my flights for the It's A Mystery National Tour! Hooray!! At the end of April I will be off to New Orleans, then Indiana, and then home to see my family! YAY! Have I used enough exclamation points to make you understand how excited I am for this?! Good!

p.s. Thank you to my lovely reader Stephanie who gave me all sorts of useful traveling tips! Some were reminders and some were new, great ideas, and I love her for it. Smiley face! 

I have a new recipe to share, but my hand is hurting so I think I'll end the week here. Unfortunately I don;t think that was a week's worth of interesting things. Hopefully I'll do better next week.

Here's to a weekend of recovery!


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