Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rain, Thunder, & Lightning

We've been having some crazy weather here in Hawaii over the last couple of days. No, it's nothing like tornadoes or blizzards, but there's some wild goings-on and I'm not used to it.

Sure, I had to deal with a little rain in the Pacific Northwest . . . but not like this. Nope.

Here's a photo of what the beach normally looks like . . .

Ahh. . . 

And here's a webcam image of what it looks like right now . . . 

Eew . . .

Yesterday morning I had to drive Mitch to the airport for yet another trip for work, and when I stepped out the front door, my feet were completely under water. Our driveway had flooded and, well, I started panicking and squeaking in a high voice. Luckily the flooding died down by mid-day, but let's just say I'm happy we live on the second floor.

Oh Waikiki, you are so drenched. 
I hope there aren't too many disappointed tourists!

As I type this, the rain has picked up to the level it was yesterday and I'm looking out the window at my driveway keeping an eye on it. And I'm glad I have enough food in my kitchen so I don't have to leave because I didn't like that my feet got so wet.

The thunder and lightning was so wild last night that I had both cats in bed, huddled under the covers. Poor lil guys.

I'm not too worried about the latest weather fiasco. I'm sure my house won't get swept away in some sort of ocean-based, pacific island Wizard of Oz storyline. Though that would be something to write about, wouldn't it?!

Any ideas of how to spend my time now that I'm in my house with no desire to venture to the drenched world out there?

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  1. Yup, watch a comedy :-) Eat something yummy or better yet cook up a storm and freeze it for the lovely weather days ahead when you will be out and about and not wanting to cook :-) Pet the furr baby! Do your nails (I avoid all nails like the plague as it kills me to clip them but oh well...we must). Read a great book and better yet if you have a nook or a device you can download a new one on. I am old school still. Finish up a fun project like knitting, painting, or crafting. And by all means....do not clean!!! Rainy days are for fun and things we love to do inside.


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