Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Controversial

I was reading my daily news websites this morning when I noticed headlines about the infamous day that is April 20th.

4/20 . . . apparently the unofficial holiday of cannabis celebration.

Quite the controversial subject, no?

But this idea got me thinking about something similarly controversial . . . the use of medical marijuana for pain management.

It made me wonder how my readers and friends feel about this idea. Medicinal cannabis use. Pro or against? What do you think about this subject?

So I started doing research. Did you know that in Canada doctors are allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients with "severe arthritis pain"?

There are certain states in the US where, if you have a doctor who is comfortable with it, will allow marijuana prescriptions for certain conditions/illnesses/diseases.

It's an interesting idea. From someone who takes pain medication on a daily basis, I am always looking at alternative forms of pain management. (see: how food connects with pain, acupuncture, bio-feedback, meditation, etc.)

I also find myself worried about the amount of damage that could be done to my body from all the pain medicine in my system over the years. 

So personally, I feel if there is a safe way to administer it, and responsible users, this could be a good option for people with chronic, severe pain.

Of course, there's pros and cons to everything. But I like to keep an open mind.

How do you feel about this? For those of you who use pain medication regularly, what are your views on different, alternative treatments? Have you found something that works wonders for you, or are you still struggling to get by? 

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  1. Can't say I could handle that particular pain medication as I suspect I have a bad allergy to the stuff! Just the smell makes me so sick. But I don't think it should be outlawed for this use. Other types of "street" drugs are actually prescription medication for pain. This area of medicine needs more light shed on it. And even though some states have ok'd the use for medical purposes, I thought the feds had a law against it and were considering going after the doctors writing the scripts. But I may be recalling wrong. So much out there with regards to pain medications lately it is hard to keep all of it straight.

  2. This is a topic my family has been discussing a lot lately. Personally, I don't know if I would use it, but I am definitely open to it being legal. I can't imagine the side effects of marijuana can be any more serious than those we already face with our medications. Plus, I am always interested in alternative methods and if we could make this one legal, it seems as if it would solve many other issues too.


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