Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Orleans, Here We Come!

We are leaving tonight for our trip and I'm going back and forth between being crazy excited and just plain crazy.

I've mentioned that this trip snuck up on me, and I keep feeling like I'm so unprepared it's not even funny.

But when I look at my bags that are 75% packed, I realize I don't have too much more to do.

And luckily I have a million packing lists to help me so I don't forget anything.

Hey, speaking of that, anyone else out there feel that they always forget something when they travel?


Last night I spent some time researching things to do in Louisiana, so I can have something planned for when we get there. Usually I'm the type of vacationer who just goes, no hard plans, no real direction. I just like to show up and see where the day takes me.

But for some reason, on this trip, I feel like I need a bit of direction. So I'm finding it by  researching museums, plantations, random ghost tours (don't laugh), and about 500 restaurants and bars to check out.

Oh yeah, baby, I'm gonna get the most out of this trip if it kills me!

Hopefully it won't.

So now I must get back to packing and prepping and driving myself crazy. At 7:30 we'll be on a plane headed east. Woohoo!

Signing off for now!

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  1. Enjoy your trip. And I love ghost tours also! We have one of the top ones in the country in my hometown :-) Just be sure you try and schedule some rest time also. Like maybe a picnic at a park (pick up the food) and stuff like that. But above all, enjoy!


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