Thursday, April 19, 2012

Settled For Now

Yesterday I slept in, and then I spent the day basically doing nothing. After my appointment on Tuesday I was totally drained of all energy.

Talk about stressing out! I was tired the second I got home!

The new doc is . . . ok. I'm not gonna say I love the guy. He was a huge improvement from my last doctor, but I didn't feel that total relief that I was hoping for.

Of course, at this point I'm thinking my expectations might be too high. I got really lucky with Doc Wiz and now who knows how long it will take me to find another one like him.

This new guy, he was alright. He was positive about my choices to try alternative pain and arthritis management by changing diet and taking supplements, which I'm a fan of. He listened to me explain what I really liked about my last doctor and seemed at least vaguely interested in my medical history.

I did find it extremely odd at the amount of time spent in utter silence, Mitch and I sitting awkwardly while he made his medical notes and looked through my files.

We waited . . .

and waited . . .

and waited . . .

Then he eventually turned his attention back to me. Right before going back to his notes.

Oh it's so ridiculous.

The whole time I was thinking how much of a waste of my time it was to watch this guy make his notes. Something I've never had to sit through before. Are you in such a huge hurry that you can't take time in between patients to do this, like regular doctors?


I'm sure he's not the first doctor to do this to his patients.

All in all I've decided I'm fine for now. I'm in a really good place, on a great treatment, and no huge problems that need fixing. I just wanted a doctor here on the island and I have one for now.

Unless he does something crazy to turn me off, or I find someone else amazing, I think I'll be good for the time being.

A little underwhelming, isn't it?

Oh well! Life goes on!

And go on it will!

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  1. Well I guess 1/2 of good is better then 100 of bad :-) Hopefully he will do for the time being. It is hard once you have had a great doctor. I know I always compare doctors to that high standard. It does get depressing at times. I have come to compare doctors to buying shoes. It takes me many, many try ons before i find a good fit.


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