Monday, April 2, 2012


Life is filled with changes. We must simply learn to adapt.

Ah . . . I'm so wise.

Ok, whatever. I'm sitting here, drinking my coffee that Mitcho made this morning, trying to figure out how I'm going to tackle this day.

It will be a little trickier than usual since I don't have a car.

Because we finally - FINALLY - sold our big ol' X-Terra that I've been driving.

It was Mitch's car. He's been driving my little White Ninja to and from work because of his long commute. Which means I've been driving the big hulk of a car around little Kailua. Let me just say, the parking spaces in Kailua are not meant for SUVs. Just sayin'.

So many memories in that Xterra.

Since we bought the car specifically for driving in the snowy, winter roads of Washington, it seemed a little more than necessary for life in Hawaii.

So we sold it to a cute lil family in need of a bigger car.

What's funniest is that it means I'm out of a car for the time being, and I had to hand over all of my errand running to Mitch.


Crossing my fingers that things like paying rent get accomplished.

And picking up Niki's meds.

I guess I could walk into town . . . it's not that far . . . but that would include work and sweat.


By the way, Niki is doing great on his new anti-seizure meds. I know you all were worried.

On a more interesting (maybe) note, I finished reading the first book of The Hunger Games.

How come none of you told me to read this?

I admit, though, that getting caught up in reading the book led to me laying out in the sun for too long and getting slightly sunburnt.


And finally, I pulled no pranks yesterday (April 1st), sadly.

I think there might be something wrong with me.

I love you.

Happy Monday!

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  1. My 30 year old has an xterra and yup, rather big. So what will you do for a car now? And yes, I was thinking of Niki and glad to see the furry love is looking good :-)


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