Monday, April 23, 2012

Travel Prep

It's travel time again!

On Wednesday night we'll be taking a red-eye flight headed for New Orleans and I'm super stoked.

But I'm not gonna lie, I'm also stressing a bit because there will be SO MUCH TRAVELING in the next week and a half.

As a recap, my trip will involve a red-eye to New Orleans to spend a few days vacation with Mitch before he has to head to Mississippi for work. On Sunday I'll fly to Indianapolis to visit my girlfriend Melissa for a few days. And then I'll fly to Seattle to spend some time with my family before flying home to Hawaii.

Oh yeah, and in between every single flight I have a layover. Layovers of all different amounts of time.

This means I have to lug all my things around seven different airports. Unfortunately for me, I only am familiar with two of them.

Oh lawdy! This should be fun.

Oh oh oh! And I have how many different cities with different weather to pack for? Aye!

Alright, that's the end of my complaining. Because all in all, I am thrilled for this fast and furious vacation. I've packed in a lot in a short amount of time but I am so excited to see my friends and family, and of course, to spend a few days with my man in a new city that we've never been to!

Prepping for the trip is the tricky part. I am a person who hates to check bags when I fly (and since I have so many flights, and so many layovers, it seems risky to do so). So my plan is to attempt to pack everything in my tiny little suitcase and a backpack.

Think I can do it?

I am also taking notes on red-eye flights from the last time I did so. I'm planning on being much better prepared for this late night flight.

All the prep work is half the battle, but I gotta say thank you to all my amazing readers who have sent me loads of good tips on traveling with arthritis . . . and just traveling a lot in general! You people are favorites.

Now to get back to packing . . . 


  1. Luggage with wheels...a must! And ask for assistance at the airports. You can call the airlines and they will transport you to your gate by a vehicle if it is far from the arrival gate to the departing gate. Not sure how long your layovers will be for and that may impact the assistance if you don't want to wait at the departing wing. Bring all meds in the original bottles with your name on them, etc. and be sure you put them in your carry on bag...always. And most important...have fun! And don't be shy. If you are exhausted, tell your host and slip away for a nap.

  2. And hope your babies at home have wonderful caregivers that will pet and hug them lots! Love the kitty fashion shoot! Just purrrfectly delightful :-)

  3. Are you coming thru Chicago at all? I can come say hi since I'm already working in the airport :) Tricia


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